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Halibut Fishing Katchemak Bay

There is nothing like the feeling of landing a 150 pound Alaska halibut! Stay at our Kenai River Cabins, and take a day to fish for halibut on Alaska's famous Katchemak Bay in Homer,Alaska.

We will reserve a charter for you with a local guide who knows where the halibut are!

Alaska Halibut Fishing - a must do on your Alaskan Fishing Vacation

Alaska Halibut fishing is an experience of a lifetime! If you stay at Orca Lodge, Alaska's best fishing lodge, we can book your trip. Don't forget to check out our Alaska fishing packages that include a day of deep sea fishing.

Alaska Halibut fishing is best from May - September. Don't forget to bring your camera!

Halibut Facts

Halibut is a the largest flatfish, with large fish weighing over 200 pounds. They look like overgrown flounder. They prefer deep, cold water, and have a life span of 40 years or more.
Halibut are white, lean and firm fleshed fish with a suprisingly delicate flavor. Halibut may be substituted for turbot in recipes. Halibut liver produces high-quality cod-liver-oil and is rich in vitamins.
The largest Pacific halibut weighed 459 pounds, and was caught in Dutch Harbor, Alaska on June 11, 1996.

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